Tailored Workshops to Targeted Needs

Foresight’s reputation is based on designing and delivering highly tailored workshops to meet our clients required outcomes.

Each workshop is based on action learning principles with organisationally specific case studies and activities.

Our experience has shown that the success of any workshop lies in balancing the knowledge and discussion sessions with specific activates in a highly focussed and time managed environment. Each of the sessions will be designed to draw on the experiences of each of the participants to keep them interested and involved throughout, and to enhance their knowledge in a non-threatening way.

“Jon is a pleasure to work with – he is a highly dynamic facilitator who delivers thought provoking workshops, providing participants with rich learning experiences. Jon is always willing to be flexible for organisational needs and is committed to providing excellent service”

Angela Ryan – Learning and Development Coordinator
University of Southern Queensland

Leadership Program

Every Foresight Leadership Program is designed around the specific organisational outcomes and leadership competencies required. I don’t provide generic programs!

Once I have identified your specific needs I can develop content and processes that will meet these needs, tailoring all the material to your organisational, and sector, context.

We will jointly develop case studies around current organisational challenges and will always focus on Action Learning Processes both during, and between, the workshops as these are critical to application and success. These processes include:

  • Submission of participant learning objectives and Manager endorsement using a 3 way ‘Learning Contract’ between the participant, the participant’s Manager and the Facilitator.
  • Each participant would be asked to provide a case study that specifically relate to each of their teams’ challenges. These will target current or future challenges for each participant and would be discussed and debriefed to ensure immediate application to the workplace.
  • Monthly workshops using an Action Learning based Model and designed around specific learning outcomes.
  • Progressive Individualised 30 minute coaching sessions with each participant to enable the Leaders to identify their progressive goals, address their issues, Action Learning tasks and unique role challenges. Most importantly it will keep participants engaged and accountable for their learnings during the year.
  • Participants to complete Action Learning Tasks after each workshop to ensure application and accountability.
  • Monthly mentor debriefs

Three examples of Leadership Programs currently being facilitated are:

Tertiary Education Program

Sustainable Leadership Program

10 Month Emotional Intelligence Based Leadership Program