About Foresight Learning

Foresight is the ability to prepare wisely for the future. As people are the life blood of any successful organisation, our philosophy is that organisational improvement ultimately comes through its people.

Our reputation is based on designing and delivering highly tailored workshops to meet our clients required outcomes.

In our interactive workshops and coaching sessions, our role is to actively engage and challenge your people to enable them to understand and develop their own personal skills, abilities and mindsets. This will ensure they are more effective in managing themselves and working with others, ultimately improving workplace productivity and cohesiveness.

In essence, Foresight Learning helps create confident and competent leaders and team members who will improve your organisations’ effectiveness.

The Facilitator

Jon is a specialist in training and facilitation with a highly practical and dynamic approach to skills development.

Jon has worked with over 38,000 managers and team members during the last 23 years, achieving consistently high results and positive feedback. Typical client feedback include:

“Management is about people. The practical training delivered by Jon supported our organisations philosophy of empowerment, by providing a relaxed environment conducive to learning and allowing our people to see first hand what effective management was all about. I was absolutely delighted.” Sheraton Mirage, Gold Coast.

Jon has developed a reputation for being:
• Passionate about what he does
• Personalised in accommodating individual styles & needs
• Professional in his knowledge & delivery
• Practical in examples & developing applied skills
• Productive in meeting company needs & objectives

Jon keeps participants focused, interested and inspired in a highly interactive and productive workshop environment. His philosophy is that ultimately “learning comes from doing” enabling participants to improve both competence and confidence.

Jon facilitates in all areas of management including:
• Leadership
• Team Development
• Communication & Customer Service
• Resilience, Optimism & Stress Management
• Conflict Resolution & Assertion Skills
• Change Management
• Strategic Planning

Jon is accredited in the following instruments:

  • Lifestyles Inventory (Leadership Thinking Styles)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Belbin (Team Role Preferences)
  • DISC Profile (Behavioural Styles)

He has worked in almost all areas of industry in both the public and private sectors including manufacturing, tourism, health, transport, education, wholesale & retail, professional services, financial services, and telecommunications.  Jon now specialises in the University, School and Care Sectors.

Jon’s senior management experience is supported by an Advanced Masters degree in Management and a degree in Marketing.

Charity Work

Jon moved to the Sunshine Coast over 20 years ago and commenced his work as a telephone Crisis Counsellor. His community work has grown and has taken him to Kenya and now more locally in Queensland working in the area of suicide prevention for young men.

Jon’s family visited Africa in 2010 with a goal to be involved in some volunteer work to educate his children in the importance of community work. Jon, with his colleague and friend James Douglas, travelled to Kenya 3 times since 2011 to facilitate workshops in the areas of Personal Mastery, Team Development & Leadership workshops for Nyumbani who provide education and care to HIV affected orphans. Recently he facilitated a series of 4 day Sustainable Leadership Programs which ultimately empowered leaders in the organisation to facilitate their own on-going Development Programs.

Jon is currently focused on Marcus Mission (in partnership with Wesley Mission Queensland) which takes a different approach to suicide prevention with an informal, activity based program specifically designed to reach young men through 3 key initiatives:

Resilience Building providing men with the practical tools to navigate life’s difficult times.

Mentoring to ensure there are supporters within communities to walk beside young men and support their mental health.

Suicide Prevention Training so that the community is able to recognise, support, care and take action for men at risk.