Sustainable Leadership Program


Four Day Sustainable Leadership Influence Program

(Now offered in a 2 x 2 day workshop series with action learning tasks & formative coaching)

Day 1

Objectives, Introductions & Experiential Team Awareness Activity.
Participants select a focus person whom they wish to influence at work.

Values in Action
Second position* interviews and practise to determine underlying values.

Personality and temperament.
Four part Experiential Activity and Summary.

Reflective Practise, Action Learning Tasks and Coaching

Day 2
Emotional Intelligence

Developing Self Awareness and Regulation

Developing Empathy, Organisational Awareness and Social Skills

Strengths in Action, Second interviews and practise.

Developing optimism and resilience (Seligman’s 3 P’s of Optimism and Susan Kobasa’s 3 C’s of Resilience)

The Sound Relationship Home (J. Gottman)

Conflict Regulation and Developing a Positive Sentiment Override

Reflective Practise, Action Learning Tasks and Coaching

Day 3
Perceptual Bias

Brain Science and Developing Constructive Neural Pathways

Understanding Neural Threats: SCARF (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, Fairness)

Mindfulness and Experiential Mindfulness Activity

The Trusted Advisor

Influence without authority (Cohen & Braford), small group work on six stages.

Reflective Practise, Action Learning Tasks and Coaching

Day 4
Shared hopes and dreams: Building capacity for the future.

Ostrem’s 8 Principles of Sustainable Cooperation (2009 Economics Nobel Prize Winner)

Habits of sustainability

Personal assessment and paired interviews.

Totems & Taboos :- Establishing team sustainability ground rules

Reflective Practise, Action Learning Tasks and Coaching

*Second perceptual position refers to a complete focus on the other persons story, reflecting back meaning and achieving a deeper understanding before asking questions or considering the other persons options.


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