The PERMA Model 

1. Positive Emotion

We all need positive emotion in our daily lives. Gratitude, love, hope, satisfaction, joy, laughter and peace help us to remain optimistic and to ‘view one’s past, present and future from a constructive perspective…a positive view can help in relationships and work, and inspire others to be more creative and take more chances’ It helps to balance the negative emotions that we inevitable experience in our lives.

2. Engagement
When we are truly engaged, we are in the moment, present, focused and in a state of ‘flow’ and blissful immersion. ‘Activities that meet our need for engagement flood the body with positive neurotransmitters and hormones that elevate our sense of wellbeing’ (Source: This could include a project or task, playing music, reading, sport, or any kind of hobby.

3. Relationships
We are social beings with a need for meaningful connection and healthy, positive relationships. A support network facilitates these primal needs and provides strong emotional and physical interactions that are vital to our wellbeing. Dr Mitch Printein’s work suggests that our pain centres are activated when we become isolated.

4. Meaning
Meaning ultimately comes from serving something beyond ourselves and valuing your impact. Pleasure doesn’t provide this, only purpose. Purpose is often associated with working for an organisation that aligns to our values, raising children, volunteering for a worthy cause or religion and faith.

5. Accomplishments
Making progress and ‘bettering ourselves’ is an important element in our wellbeing. When we set achievable goals and focus our efforts on working towards these goals we help ourselves to flourish and grow. Obviously we need to balance this with time out and self- care to avoid ‘busy’ sickness!
Dr Leslie Becker-Phelps provides five questions to help improve life satisfaction:
1. Do you try new experiences to help break out of your routine?
2. Do you try your hardest in everything you do?
3. Do you enjoy spending time with other people?
4. In your everyday interactions, do you approach people with the desire to get along? (Make an effort to be positive in all these interactions)Are you easily upset by different kinds of problems?
“It’s hard to be satisfied with life, if you’re never satisfied with yourself” Beth Sweet

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