Leadership Development

David Waite from Seek On-Line Employment & Training, talks about the success of a recent leadership program tailored to the needs of his company. ”The key to the success of the program was that it was delivered in the Seek style-it was challenging and thought provoking and delivered in an engaging team environment.”

The program focused on a combination of managerial and leadership capabilities recognized as essential to increasing Seek’s effectiveness and impact in a sophisticated global market. “You can never move past leadership, as it is essential in our business. It’s not leadership in the traditional sense of setting a vision for the next 5 years and sticking to it—it’s about the here and now and being an individual in a team.”

An important area was self awareness with Executives gaining a deeper understanding of their strengths, effects on their peers and teams, preferences and development opportunities.

“Self awareness has enabled our people to lead their teams more effectively in an unstructured environment, and helped to maintain our high engagement scores.”

The first step in this process was to examine the effect of each managers leadership style on others, and consider how it could be modified to create better working relationships.

The program also helped the Executives to understand the link between their values and actions, and their impact on organizational success.

– Source: BRW October 4-10 200

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