Team Meeting Tips

Effective Team Meeting Tips

Here is a suggested Agenda to help increase efficiency in your organisation.

Headlines (2 mins) Go around the room and ask everyone to give a capsule summary of something important happening to them. Most days at least 3/4 offer something.

Key Stats (30 secs) Important numbers everyone should know, such as customer satisfaction, % of monthly goal obtained.

Dept Spotlight (2.5 mins) Let a different department on a 2 week cycle, provide a status report on progress toward its goals, and what’s ahead.

This week’s Must Do (2 mins) This is like the headlines section, except they go counter clockwise this time, with every one listing the top thing they need to accomplish that week. The goals are expected to be specific, measurable & attainable.

Red Flag (1 min) This is a cry for help, in which you raise something you need to do with other people at the meeting.

Vision Committee Update (1 min) Updates from vision committees, where employees spend up to 10% of their time exploring something they can’t do in their regular work, such as an IT person chairing the PR meeting.

Close The facilitator ends the session and next week’s facilitator is announced.

– Adapted from AG

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